mardi 10 janvier 2012


Jolie inspiration sur le site de l'agence immobilière Eklund Stockholm New York.

Nice inspiration on the homepage of real estate agency Eklund Stockholm New York.

 Source ESNY

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  1. Hi!
    I' m Anna G. too!
    I like your blog.

  2. Décidément, le blanc taché de bois (et de couleurs) aura toujours ma préférence !!

  3. This is the BEST house of 2012,I can tell this year is going to be amazing!!!

  4. Great space!
    Your blog keeps inspiring me every day:)

  5. so refreshing!
    especially the first two
    do you have any idea the name of that ceiling lamp with the dots?

    best wishes
    Open house, Norway

  6. So jealous of the amount of natural light in this place! I wish I had that many windows in my home. Love that painting in the first photo too.

  7. Oh, cette vue dans la 2eme photo! Quelle inspiration pour bosser! Genial...

  8. @Tina: :)
    @Anna: Hi Anna G. ! :)
    @Christina: c'est ce que je préfère aussi...
    @Elina: ja visst är det :)
    @Detail'24: of course it will be!!
    @noendtodesign: thanks :))
    @åpent hus: can't seem to find the name of that lamp right now... if I do I'll let you know! Or maybe one of my readers know?
    @Holly Cramer: I know! Wish I had all that natural light too...
    @Lilla Kullan: :)
    @FrenchByDesign: ca me changerais de regarder un mur... ;)

  9. beautiful interiors!

    Greetings from Madrid,

    Atelier Decor


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