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Ces jolis posters de style rétro scandinave ont été crées par Jan Skácelík , un graphiste/photographe/compositeur vivant en République Czech...

Ces jolis posters de style rétro scandinave ont été crées par Jan Skácelík, un graphiste/photographe/compositeur vivant en République Czech. Dans son shop Restyle on trouve des posters inspirés par le design scandinave des années 50-60 avec des designers comme Stig Lindberg et Marianne Westman ou encore la série Cathrineholm. Via ici.

These lovely retro Scandinavian style posters are designed by Jan Skácelík, a graphic designer/photographer/composer living in Czech Republic. In his shop Restyle you can find posters inspired by Scandinavian mid century design and designers like Stig Lindberg et Marianne Westman or the Cathrineholm series. Via here.

Photos Restyle

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7 commentaires

  1. This style looks great and is not expensive. Many themes you find on I-Net, can save it and enlarge in the Copyshop.

    I wish you a wonderful Thursday


  2. det fanns ju hur många snygga som helst!!

  3. I have the catherineholm print. It is fab, but the quality of the print isn' as great as I would have like. Very grainy. But still very beautiful if I don't get too close! Lou x

  4. love it!!! great series...j'adore les 2 derniers!!!!! bisous

  5. Hello Im glad you like the prints.

    lou- - the grain effect is intentional as it is suposed to look like older print - it is not obvious on the framed shot but on the detail. Jan.

  6. @Jan: I'm so happy to see you here and many thanks for your explanation on the quality of the print!!
    @ylva: mmm... svårt att välja.. :)


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