Friday, 23 March 2012


J'aime le côté brut de ce grand espace ouvert et le contraste entre le carrelage blanc, le sol en béton et le cuir vieilli du canapé chesterfield.

I like the raw feeling in this large open space and the contrast between the white tiles, the concrete floor and the worn leather of the chesterfield sofa.

 Photo Patric Johansson / Söderberg Agenturstyling: Anna Malmgren & Cecilia Bengtsson, for Plaza Interiör via Seventeendoors


  1. So lovely! I love those Eames chairs. And Tom Dixon's lamps (we have 2 in our hall).


  2. This is the kind of home where I could live, because I like the whole atmosphere. I adore the mix of contemporary with ancient.
    kisses from Barcelona!

  3. Love all the contrasts in this apartment; light and dark, flimsy and chunky, glossy and raw. A bit spooked by the painting though...:)

  4. @suvi m: eames chairs+dixon lamps = ♥
    @mes bijoux: I agree, I could move in tomorrow :)
    @high house then radio: yeah the painting is a little bit intriguing...