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Très jolie réalisation par la styliste Nanna Lagerman, photographié par Philip Karlberg , pour le dernier numéro d'Elle Interiör suédoi...

Très jolie réalisation par la styliste Nanna Lagerman, photographié par Philip Karlberg, pour le dernier numéro d'Elle Interiör suédois.

Beautiful styling by Nanna Lagerman, photographed by Philip Karlberg, for the latest issue of Swedish Elle Interiör.

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10 commentaires

  1. omg!!!! je veux habiter la...cette verriere est sublimissime...wow !!!!!le parquet, le faux tapis....je ne m'en remet pas!!!! merci !!!! xxx

  2. Oh my goodness - the LIGHT!! :-)

  3. Que d'idées à "voler" !! Coup de coeur pour la table basse faite de piles de magazines. Et pour les faux tapis dessinés au sol.
    MERCI !

  4. wow cet endroit est genial!


  5. the light is every photographers dream! and the styling is so light, simple, but yet elegant and sophisticated. love it.

  6. Beautiful appartement! great post.... I have a tape post in the make aswell slightly different though LOL

  7. Ok, let's all move in there! ;)
    Je crois bien qu'on a tous envie d'y emménager! ;)

  8. I just saw this AMAZING place over at Lotta Agaton's blog, and followed her link back to you.

    I feel giddy just looking at these photos. There is so much to like and note. Mostly I tremble in excitement over the structural beauty of the space. Needless to say the slanted glass wall/ceiling is beyond amazing. As are the flying buttresses that support it - simply stunning!
    I also love that the place is flooded in light and that the floors are left nude.
    And how fun isn't that taped rug under the seating area?!

    Wonderful find!

    x Charlotta

  9. @Charlotta: nice to see you here! I'm all amazed by this place too, and each time I look at the pics I see some new detail that I didn't discover before... And the taped rug... yes please! :)


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