mardi 21 février 2012


Je ne suis pas très en avance sur mon "blogging" aujourd'hui, vu qu'il est maintenant minuit passé... Mais bon, il y a des jours comme ça! Les vacances scolaires ont commencé ici et j'essaie de de conjuguer travail et activités et tout le reste... En tout cas, voici la trouvaille du jour: un adorable studio à Göteborg! Bonne semaine!

I'm not really in advance on my blogging today, considering that it is now past midnight... Oh well, there are days like that! We have school holidays here, so I'm trying to combine work and activities and all the rest... Anyway, here comes today's find: a gorgeous studio flat in Göteborg! Have a lovely week!

Source Stadshem

7 commentaires:

  1. Bravo pour ton daily blogging anyway at anytime.. et oui très sympa ce petit flat suédois... très astucieux et ouvert comme j'aime... Bon mardi!

  2. Hej
    What a great apartment.
    So light & airy and it looks like they have used the space well... I LOVE that work desk, keep meaning to buy one...
    Have a good week ahead

  3. Such a lovely flat - and great light! :-)

  4. Glad you liked the flat - have a lovely week you too! :)

  5. What a gorgeous house! I'm madly in love with the last photo especially.

  6. Oh wow! I love this space - just beautiful! The workspace is so nice and I want the blanket for myself.

    I wonder how the large piece of art is installed in the living room?

    btw, love your blog, found it via Pinterest.


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