jeudi 7 mars 2013

Guest post: French by design


Bonjour, je suis Si du blog FrenchByDesign et je prends la main pendant qu’Anna, notre Suédoise préférée se repose et recharge les batteries en Suède. Aujourd’hui, j’ai un petit coup de gueule à partager. Tout le monde dit qu’avec l’arrivée du mois de Mars, le printemps pointe le bout de son nez. Sauf qu’aujourd’hui, il neige chez nous. Printemps, où es tu? Que fais tu? Alors, pour lutter contre la grisaille et cet hiver sans fin, je vous propose des intérieurs “zesty”. Et là, vous sentez la température grimper, non? Le jaune a ce pouvoir formidable : il rajoute instantanément de la chaleur à un intérieur. Et d’un coup de baguette magique, le printemps est là!

Bonjour, Si from the FrenchByDesign blog here and taking over Anna’s blog today while the lucky girl enjoys some time off in Sweden [*sigh*]. I am here to vent a bit today. They all say March is in the house, and Spring around the corner, but today, it’s snowing outside my windows. Spring, where are you? So I decided to take action and fight the grey and gloomy weather with some zesty yellow. Can you feel the temperature rising? Yellow is such an amazing color: it instantly adds warmth to any space. Now spring is in the house!

13 commentaires:

  1. Great post! Well done ;) xx

  2. yes yes! what a lovely colors and order. Yellow and gray tones are definitely one of my favorite combinations.

  3. I love these images! Thanks for sharing...

    I posted something similar on my blog, about kids cornerswith a touch of yellow a couple of days ago.
    Check it out and see what you think.

  4. ooooh the primary colors in the first picture are just perfect!

  5. Lovely pics.
    And much needed colors, even for us here in the far south of France (grey and rainy, no spring at all). Thanx

  6. Gorgeous images! Thank you for sharing with so much inspiration!

  7. Beautiful pics. I can feel the spring on it´s way.
    Best wishes from

  8. i adore these pops of yellow; so fresh and inspiring... jane

  9. la première compo est craquante et tellement colorée, j'adore!!!!



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