lundi 19 septembre 2011

Chez Nordal

La semaine dernière j'avais visité le stand de la marque danoise Nordal à Maison&Objet, et ce weekend je suis tombée sur la maison de la fondatrice de la marque, Signe Nordal. Bien évidemment, sa maison au Danemark reflète aussi le style Nordal: vintage, couleurs, matériaux bruts et naturels...

Last week I visited the stand of Danish brand Nordal at Maison&Objet, and this weekend I stumbled upon the home of the brand's founder, Signe Nordal. Obviously her home in Denmark also reflects the Nordal style: vintage, colour, raw and natural materials...

Photos Femina dk

7 commentaires:

  1. So nice. Check out my blog

  2. Superbe... le style de cabane que j'aime/...

  3. I really like how the bedroom opens up into an outdoor terrace. Perfect.

  4. love the terrariums! and the leather sofa with the pelt on it is to die for, the colorful ottoman really brings that scenario to life!


  5. hi,

    i really like the leather sofa.
    where can i get more info about it?


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