Mercredi au vert

... parce que c'est bientôt le printemps, non?! Merci au blog parisoslo pour cette interview , et merci à Stacey de Remodelista pour m...

... parce que c'est bientôt le printemps, non?!

Merci au blog parisoslo pour cette interview, et merci à Stacey de Remodelista pour m'inclure sur cette liste sur!

Green Wednesday... because it's soon spring, right?!

Thanks to the blog parisoslo for this interview, and thanks to Stacey from Remodelista for including me on this list on!

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9 commentaires

  1. The photos are lovely, but marking Pinterest as a source, since it gives no credit to the person who took the photo. Please be more careful and link to the original source - in this case it seems to be a Flickr page.

  2. J'adore !! Ohlala la table et les bancs verts !!!


  3. I just love this shade of green - it is like fresh spring grass, isn't it! Use a lot of this green color myself - e.g. in this link, with an Ikea footstool, the green is used as an accent color in the carpet and pillow:

  4. Thank you so much for this green themed post, you've brought in a little spring sunshine into my otherwise wintery home here in Sweden! (great interview too :)!

  5. Yes, det är verkligen läge för lite vårfärger nu. Härligt!

  6. oh oui du vert!!j'adhère à ton idée! J'ai trouvé sur la plage ce week-end une persienne de ce même vert! Un appel du

  7. ohhh this green is strangely nice!! it is rare because I am not a green lover ;) COngrats on being in the list on

  8. @anonyme: I always try to give credit to the photographer whenever that information is available, if not I try to at least link to the place where I found the photo. In this case the first photo only leads to a number of tumblr pages and the second one to a flickr page with just a username, so I chose to link to the actual pinterest post. I don't link to pinterest in general which I agree has no sense at all.
    (I have no problem with constructive criticism here, on the contrary, but I would appreciate if next time you could identify yourself and not post anonymously. Thanks!)
    @Samantha: moi je les verrais bien sur ma terrasse!
    @Katja: I had a look at your stool makeover - very nice!
    @Niki: Thanks! I'm also glad my greenery found its way into your home ;))
    @Creative living: ja det kändes som det!
    @Nathalie: jolie trouvaille!
    @Desiree: Congrats to you too for being on the same list!! :)

  9. ça sent le printemps par ici!
    quel vert! j'aime!


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