jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Paris - City of Romance

Mr Perswall a demandé à ses clients quelle était pour eux la ville la plus romantique au monde. La réponse à cette question se trouve dans la nouvelle collection de papiers peints appelé City of Romance. La beauté de Paris à travers l'objectif du photographe Martin Söderqvist.

Alors, vous êtes d'accord ou vous auriez répondu autre chose à cette question? Je suis sincèrement curieuse!

Mr Perswall asked their customers which city they thought was the most romantic in the world. The answer to that question has resulted in a new collection of wallpapers called City of Romance. The beauty of Paris through the lens of photographer Martin Söderqvist. 

So do you agree or would you have responded differently to the question? I'm honestly curious to know!

Vous pouvez voir la suite de la collection ici.
You can see more of the collection here.

6 commentaires:

  1. I totally agree on the answer of that question. I find Paris the most romantic city! I have lived there this year (for too short a time!!!) and loved every moment of it and I secretly go there every year to relax, have fun and admire all the wonderful buildings and the good food :) I simply adore Paris!

    1. I've lived here for so long that I sometimes have trouble seeing Paris with the "romantic" eyes again! It's mostly when I have friends or family here visiting, that I manage to slow down and just enjoy Paris as a tourist again :)

  2. Hi! Granada in Spain. The old Moro neighbourhood (El Albacin) and El Alhambra, their garden at night with the smell of Jasmin!!! The music of the gypsies... the Sacromonte... the mountain taht surround part of the city... the wine and cheese, the olive oil, the andalus tradition.... I'm totally in love with Granada...The most Romantic place i know!!!!!

    1. Wow, sounds wonderful! I've never been but to Granada, but it just went straight up on my places to visit now :) Thanks


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